Reward your wallet
Get unparalleled offers and rewards from local merchants.
Why use ArgoPay
Every time you buy with ArgoPay, you’ll rack up loyalty points to use at your favorite spots and you will be eligible to receive awesome offers from local businesses.
ArgoPay verifies store location when you pay and no privacy or financial information is stored in your phone.
Get the ArgoPay app for your iPhone or Android phone and start paying with your phone at your favorite local businesses.
Credit on the Go
You activate ArgoCredit and use it only through ArgoPay mobile app. There is no plastic card to carry around and lengthy account numbers to remember. ArgoPay is behind ArgoCredit and lets you enjoy hassle-free shopping experience. And unlike when accepting regular credit cards, it's 100% free for merchants.
Pay with one scan. Get digital receipts. Rack up points. Score some more deals. All in the ArgoPay app.
Activate an account in 4 simple steps, and try at local ArgoPay businesses.
Set up PIN and password that only you control. Nobody else can access your ArgoCredit account, even if your phone is lost or stolen.
Made for Mobile
We are dedicated to your experience on mobile platforms. The ArgoPay app is put through rigorous testing before launch. Your journey is straightforward, intuitive and enjoyable. You have to try to see it.

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