Frequently Asked Questions

What is ArgoPay?
ArgoPay is a new, fast, and easy way to pay with your mobile phone at local businesses. You can buy now, pay later. You will also be able to take advantage of awesome rewards and offers that save you a bunch of money!

Join at, and download the ArgoPay app from App Store or Google Play.

Why should I use ArgoPay?
It's rewarding! No credit card required and you pay nothing for 30 days! Each time you pay at a participating business, you automatically earn points that you can redeem for rewards later. ArgoPay app also allows you to search for and redeem special offers from local businesses.

You would also be helping local businesses every time you use ArgoPay. Did you know that credit card processing fees are the biggest problem for small business owners? ArgoPay is the only credit card that costs them nothing in processing fees.

ArgoPay is the only credit card that's better for merchants, rewarding for consumers.

Is ArgoPay secure?
Yes. ArgoPay is completely secure. ArgoPay maintains highest security standard in data transmission. All data transmission between our system and merchants is encrypted by 256bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Your account information is never stored on your phone but in our PCI compliant server under encryption. Even if you lost the phone your information is still secure.

How does ArgoPay work?
When you download the ArgoPay app you will be asked to activate your ArgoCredit account. Your ArgoCredit account is similar to a credit card except that there is no plastic, it's completely virtual and lives inside your ArgoPay app. Use ArgoPay app to pay at participating businesses up to your assigned credit limit by simply scanning a QR code and approving the transaction amount. That's it!

Similar to a credit card, when you register as a customer with ArgoPay, you'll have a billing cycle of about 30 days. Once the billing cycle closes, you get a statement and you have 25 days to pay the bill.

For example, if you create an account with ArgoPay on March 10th, and make a purchase on March 25th, the first statement cycle will close on April 9th. You have until May 4th, or 25 days from April 9th to pay the bill. Your second billing cycle starts from April 10th and your next payment will be due on June 4th. The payment due date is the same day every month.

Who is ArgoPay?
ArgoPay was founded by a team of payments, credit and mobile technology experts. We are trying to create a world in which consumers can freely use their phones to pay for goods and services and merchants don't get charged unnecessary fees to process credit card related transactions. We are located in Cambridge, MA.

How does ArgoPay make money?
We created ArgoPay to allow consumers to use their mobile phones to pay for goods and services at brick and mortar business locations in an easy, fast and safe way. We don't charge merchants any transactions fees which are typically associated with accepting credit cards. We don't charge consumers a fee for using ArgoPay. We only charge merchants a small fee when a consumer redeems an offer or reward which was delivered to them via ArgoPay. Using offers and rewards platform is optional for merchants, so ArgoPay's business model is truly pay for performance.

What happens if I don't pay my balance?
We hope that all of our users honor their purchases with ArgoPay. Please understand that when you make a purchase through ArgoPay, you are entering into a legal obligation to repay the balance accumulated on your ArgoCredit account at the end of each billing cycle. This is no different from other agreements to repay people or businesses for goods and services. While we hope to never have to do so, we reserve the right to seek collections from fraudulent or delinquent accounts. For any questions about this, or if you would like help paying your balance, please contact us at